PMSM Fan used for Large Spaces

PMSM fans is a new technology of HVLS fans, and RTFANS are the proud researchers of this technology. We have always been in research to improve the quality and performance of our fans. Thus, the researcher’s team has made PMSM technology with the collaboration of Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University. The technology has a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), which performs better than other technologies.


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Let’s see some of the benefits of PMSM fans.

Super Quiet

The best thing about the fan is its very low noise level. There is no doubt that HVLS fans are quiet, but PMSM fans are quieter. The noise level of PMSM fans is around 36dB, which is less than the noise of a quiet library (40dB). Even the large fans that are 24ft long are also quiet with a noise level of 36dB. Since these fans are quiet, they are also perfect for quiet spaces like libraries, schools, colleges, offices, etc. The fan does not disturb at all. In most cases, you will not even notice the noise of the fan. These super quiet fans are due to the hard work of RTFANS and university professors.

Large Space of Action

PMSM fans have a larger space of action as compared to other technologies. These fans can cover more areas, which indicates high performance. The largest fan of 24ft diameter has a maximum space of action of 1,800 square meters, which is more than a simple HVLS fan. It is because of the high airflow. The 24ft PMSM fan can provide 15,000 cubic meters per minute, while a simple HVLS fan of the same size has an airflow of 13,500 cubic meters per minute at the same rotational speed. Thus, you can install fewer units in your large space. PMSM fans are perfect for large spaces where you need constant ventilation to improve air quality. Due to high airflow, they cover a very large area and throw a well-aligned breeze to every corner.

Wide Range of Sizes

RTFANS has made a wide range of sizes for the PMSM fans to cover large spaces. The fan is available in five models that have a diameter in the range of 12ft-24ft. The airflow of these fans ranges from 7,500-15,000 cubic meters per minute, depending on the size of the fan. They can cover an area of around 630-1,500 square meters. Thus, you can easily select the right size of the fan according to your area. You can install the fan in any area that has a ceiling height of more than 4.5 meters. PMSM fans can work better for large spaces.

Less Weight

Indeed, HVLS fans are heavy, but PMSM fans are a little lighter than them. PMSM fans have less weight as compared to normal HVLS fans. The 24ft PMSM fan weighs only 100 kg, while a simple HVLS fan of the same size weighs more than 125 kg. The technology has lightweight, which is better.

Versatile Applications

PMSM fans are specially made for large spaces; you can use these fans in many areas. The fans can be used in classrooms, animal barns, agricultural barns, waiting rooms, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, factories, warehouses, logistics centers, etc. These fans have wide applications due to their features.

Low Cost of Ventilation

The running cost of PMSM fans is less like all PMSM fans. They use almost 1/10 of the electricity used by air conditioning systems. With these fans, you can cover a large area and improve air quality. These fans use only 1.5kW motors to spread the air in a large area. They provide an excellent cooling effect and a comfortable environment at a very low running cost.

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  1. Gothson

    After I installed it in the warehouse, it runs very quietly, and I think this one is highly recommended.

    • Big

      Thank you for your support.

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