HVLS Ceiling Fans used for Warehouse Cooling

Warehouses require proper ventilation so that the worker in the area can work with ease. There is no doubt that by providing a comfortable environment for your employees, you can increase your productivity. Warehouses are large and packed. There are many goods stored in them; therefore, they are usually packed from everywhere. Usually, warehouse owners address the issue of warehouse ventilation, and they install large warehouse ceiling fans.


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These fans are very beneficial for the warehouse, and they can offer optimum comfort to the people working in the area. Let’s see some of its benefits.

Better Air Circulation

Air circulation is very important for comfort. The places where there are less air circulation and ventilation are not preferred by workers. Industrial warehouse ceiling fans are excellent for air circulation. They have a very high airflow that can help to send a powerful breeze to every corner of the warehouse. They send a well-aligned breeze and cover a very large area. If you have an air conditioning system in the warehouse, then these warehouse fans can help them to spread the cool air in the area. They spread the cool air very quickly. Further, they also help to make the area cooler. You can also use the air conditioner at a few degrees higher than the set point. It reduces the electricity consumption of air conditioners.

A warehouse ceiling fan can cover an area of up to 1500 square meters with high airflow. You can install these fans in your warehouse to make the ventilation of the area better than before.

Cooling Effect

Warehouses can cause discomfort to people due to high temperatures. Large warehouse ceiling fans can easily offer a cooling effect in the area. They have a very high airflow that causes the sweat to evaporate at a very high rate. When the sweat evaporates at a high rate, it makes the body cool. This cooling effect is also known as the chilling effect. The fan can make people feel 5-7˚C cooler. They feel more comfortable in the area. Moreover, due to high airflow, people do not sweat, and they work efficiently in a cool environment—consequently, your productivity increases.

Excellent Air Quality

The air quality of a warehouse is also an important factor. The humidity level of the air should be less; otherwise, the people in the area will sweat more and feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, due to humidity, there are pathogens and allergens in the environment that can cause various diseases. Large warehouse cooling fans reduce the humidity and offer fresh air. The high airflow reduces the pathogens and odor from the air. Warehouse fans improve the quality of air.

RTFANS Big Warehouse Cooling Fans

RTFANS has a wide range of warehouse cooling fans that range from 12f-24ft. They can easily cover a large area and improve air quality. All these cooling fans are specially made for warehouses. They provide high airflow up to 13,500 cubic meters per minute. They can reduce the humidity by up to 15% and make the place better for workers. The workers in the area can work comfortably and efficiently.

You can contact our team to know the best size of fans for your warehouse. We are always ready to assist you. For more details, feel free to contact us.



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