Best HVLS Ceiling Fan for Factories

The owners usually install HVLS factory ceiling fans to keep the area ventilated, These fans provide good ventilation at a very low running cost. Factories are usually established in a large space. There are many workers in the area, and it is necessary to keep the area well-ventilated and cool. But it is not easy to ventilate a large factory using small fans.


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The air conditioning setup is also very expensive. You will also get many other benefits by installing these fans, some of these are.

Increment in Productivity

When you install HVLS factory ceiling fans, they provide a high airflow in the area. They make people happy and energetic. Due to high airflow, the workers do not sweat, and they feel a cooling sensation, which makes them comfortable. These fans are very large; therefore, the air breeze covers every corner of the area. People working in the area remain comfortable. Thus, they focus more on their task. They do not feel much tired due to high temperatures, as these fans make them cool. All these things increase the productivity of the facility, and the workers in the area work without any hassle.

You must take care of your employees and keep them happy by installing these HVLS fans in factories. The employees will work efficiently and with dedication.

Excellent Air Quality

The air quality of any factory matters a lot. High humidity, smell, and pathogens in the area create many problems. Due to high humidity in the area, the workers sweat more, which makes them uncomfortable. Further, the smell and pathogens in the area are harmful to health. But if you install a factory fan in the area, then these problems can be resolved. The fan reduces the humidity and makes the people comfortable. The people in the area do not sweat and feel a cooling effect. Due to high airflow, the smell in the area is also reduced. Furthermore, the pathogens of the area are mitigated by the fresh air, which is good for the health of workers. HVLS fans improve the air quality of a large facility to a great extent. This is the reason that every factory needs these fans.

Low Cost

If you compare the running cost of factory ceiling fans, you will find it much less than the running cost of air conditioners and air coolers. They consume around 10% of the energy of air conditioning systems. If you have air conditioning systems in the factory, then you can use HVLS fans with them. These fans assist the air conditioning system and make the area cooler quickly. In normal seasons, you can only use HVLS fans and turn off the cooling systems, which will save you a lot of money. When HVLS fans run with the air conditioning system, then you can increase the temperature of the system to a few degrees and save energy.

RTFANS Factory Ceiling Fans

RTFANS makes a wide range of HVLS industrial ceiling fans that are perfect for a factory. They can make the area well ventilated. The sizes are available from 12ft to 24ft. Each fan can cover a very large area up to 1,500 square meters. You can make people energetic and happy by installing these fans. Our fans are made according to industrial standards; they are sturdy and durable. No matter how big your factory is, these fans can cover the space.

Our team is always ready to help you out. You can contact us, and we will guide you on everything about our factory ceiling fans. We will also help you in selecting the right size of fans. For more information, feel free to contact us.



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  1. Angga Wardana

    please provide representative information in Indonesia.

    • HVLS Fan Manufacturer

      Thank you concerned about the RTFANS. Please check the mail.

  2. Jandre Roos

    We are looking at installing this in our truck assembly plant situated in Durban South Africa. Is there a local supplier based here in South Africa who can support us or would we have to deal directly with you?

    • HVLS Fan Manufacturer

      Thank you concerned about the RTFANS. We are looking for distributors/partners worldwide. Let’s talk more about it over email.

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