24ft Big Industrial Ceiling Fan

The 24ft big industrial ceiling fan is the largest HVLS fan available in the market. Large requires large ventilation setups. They cannot be ventilated using small fans that we use at our homes. Industries have a massive area, which requires a special ventilation system. The same is the case with other large areas like shopping malls, restaurants, barns, churches, fitness centers, etc. You need to install large ceiling fans that can cover the whole area with a high volume of air. HVLS fans are very large, and they are specially made for industrial and commercial purposes.


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They can easily ventilate a large area without any hassle. Therefore, many facilities prefer HVLS fans to keep people fresh and energetic. Let’s see some of its benefits.

Increase Productivity and Comfort

A 24ft big industrial ceiling fan is very large; therefore, it provides a very high airflow of around 13,000-15,000 cubic meters per minute. This massive fan covers every corner of the area with its high airflow. No matter how big the area is, you can install a few ceiling fans and ventilate it. The ceiling fan will make the area fresh and ventilated. When you run the fan, its high airflow reduces the humidity level and the temperature of the area. Thus, the people in the area feel more comfortable. Consequently, productivity is increased. These fans are beneficial for factories, industries, and other large areas and can improve the performance of workers.

Due to reduced temperature and humidity, the people in the area remain dry. They do not sweat much. Moreover, they feel a cooling effect, which makes them comfortable. The smell in the area is also reduced by the high airflow of the fan. Therefore, it is better to install the 24ft big industrial ceiling fans in a large facility.

Low Running Cost

Air conditioning systems consume a lot of electricity, which is not efficient in most cases. The running cost of the air conditioning system is too high. In contrast, HVLS fans consume 10% of the energy used by the air conditioning system. Thus, you can save a lot of money. In normal weather, you can use the 24ft big industrial ceiling fan for high airflow. Furthermore, the fan can also assist the air conditioning system in spreading cool air in the facility. You can use the air conditioning system at a higher temperature and for less time to save money.

Only a few electric fans can meet the needs of a large area. A 24ft big industrial ceiling fan can cover a large area of up to 1,500 square meters, so you only need a few fans. HVLS fans are the best option to ventilate a large area at a low cost.

RTFANS 24ft Big Industrial Ceiling Fan

RTFANS also makes high-quality 24ft big industrial ceiling fans. These fans are ultra-quiet, with a noise level of 43dB only. They can improve the air quality of a large area by reducing the humidity, smell, and pathogens. The airflow of the fan is 13,500 cubic meters per minute that can cover an area of around 1,500 square meters. You can install these fans in large facilities like warehouses, factories, waiting for areas, etc.

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2 reviews for 24ft Big Industrial Ceiling Fan

  1. Arman

    I have a warehouse of about 8000 square meters. If I use this 24ft Big Industrial Ceiling Fan, how many units do I need to install?

    • HVLS Fan Manufacturer

      Thank you concerned about the RTFANS. We need more detailed parameters. If it is a normal cuboid, about 6 sets will be enough!

  2. Immella

    Dear RTFANS, Please send us the best price for the 24ft HVLS industrial fan = 5 nos.
    Best regards.

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